About Mahdiyyah

Mahdiyyah Muhammad is a self taught designer from East Orange, NJ who got her start in Fashion at the age of 8 making her doll clothes out of tights and stockings. By the age of 11 she was sewing by hand and on to bigger projects.

Her inspiration comes from an appreciation for the lost art of manual labor and combined design. Her design process is set apart from most designers because she is self-taught with the ability to create concepts directly from her visions without the use of patterns. She sees the vision, purchases the fabric, and then cut and sews each garment from scratch. The entire planning process is developed in her mind. Each garment is sewn and made as a custom one of one. Mahdiyyah sees her designs similar to how an artist sees their works on canvas. Each piece is a work of art and one of a kind.

Her upbringing in East Orange, NJ reminds her the importance of community and making sure to create opportunities for those who are counted out because of their financial forecast. With this in mind, Mahdiyyah created a sewing program that allows youth ages 9-14 to take sewing sessions at no charge.

There is much emphasis placed on achieving goals and success, but without the ability to gift others with an opportunity to achieve it as well...are we really using our gifts in their entirety?


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